Wild Natural Deodorant

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

Wild gifted me the rose refill scented natural deodorant in the purple case. I had just finished my rose geranium Pit Putty, so this was perfect timing.

The refill package is made from bamboo pulp which is widely recyclable and can be recycled at home alongside any paper or card. It’s also fit for home composting. The purple case is made out of aluminium alloy – a commonly used and safe form of packaging. And no plastic whatsoever.

The deodorant ingredients are natural, vegan friendly and free from parabens or sulphates. This makes it suitable for a wide range of skin types.

What I thought

I have sensitive skin, so this is great to me. The rose refill scent smells lovely, and not too strong. I tested it out on a normal day of being out and about in the UK (social distancing mind you), and then on a run. It kept me smelling fresh.

Wild describes itself as ‘Deodorant Redefined.’ But I think it really is. I was very excited by the neat box it came in and the shiny purple case. But while I do appreciate a nicely designed brand, Wild’s green credentials were what really impressed me.

To buy Wild, you can choose their ‘subscribe and save’ offer and pay £12 for 1 case and 1 refill and join their flexible subscription. It’s obviously more than buying a cheap plastic cased deodorant from the supermarket, but my god it’s worth it. Buying anything with single use plastic makes me feel kind of queasy.

So my conclusion, I absolutely love Wild natural deodorant. And I will be subscribing to their refills when this one runs out.


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