Little Herbs Baby Bath Products

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

Little Herbs create 100% organic baby bath and skincare products, that are safe and gentle for babies, pregnancy and new mums. Their recipes are developed in conjunction with medical herbalists and use traditional English country garden plants. They also don’t use any nasties like colourants, fillers, parfums, chemical preservatives, parabens, phlalates, mineral oils or alcohol. All their packaging is glass, or lined aluminium tins which are both easily recycled and no plastic.

Little Herbs gifted me their award-winning Bathe Baba, rich Baby Oil and Baby Balm to try with my three year old daughter.

What I thought

Their award-winning Bathe Baba is vegan friendly and provides a gentle and nourishing bath cleanser to relax your baby. It’s made from oats and maize flour and contains a blend of lavender, the traditional cleansing herb, and relaxing chamomile. You just add a teaspoonful into the bathwater and your baby’s bath will smell of delicate and fragrant herbs.

My daughter is used to bubbles in her bath, so her first question was ‘Where have all the bubbles gone?’ But bubbles generally come from chemical sources which can dry the skin.

I also added a few drops of Little Herb’s rich Baby Oil to the bath. This product is vegan friendly and made from sunflower oil and rose-hip seed. It’s great for easing dry skin conditions.

After a bath with Little Herbs’ products my daughter’s skin felt much softer and more nourished. So much so that I didn’t need to apply any moisturiser on her, which I would typically do after each bath.

My daughter also suffers from eczema from time to time on her legs, so their Baby Balm was great for soothing flair ups. It’s also good for soreness, irritations, nappy rash and heals minor burns and minor sunburns, making it a great addition to my first aid kit.

Little Herbs’ products are good eco-friendly alternatives to standard baby bath and skincare products which typically come in plastic bottles. Their products are also ideal if your baby has sensitive skin and would make lovely baby shower and newborn gifts.

You can buy Bathe Baba for £16.50, Baby Oil for £25.00 and Baby Balm for £22.50 directly from Little Herbs.

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