Qualia Botanicals

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

Qualia Botanicals gifted me a bottle of their Botanical Skincare oil to brighten my tired looking face.

It works as both a moisturiser and a cleanser and you can apply it in the morning and at night. So there’s no need for more products.

I filled in the questionnaire on their website and they sent me a formula selected for my skin’s needs made from:

  • Sea buckthorn seed that contains vitamins and phytoantioxidants that improve blood circulation, facilitate oxygenation of the skin and remove excess of toxins. They’re also an amazing antioxidant.
  • Baobab Seed – rich in omega-3, packed with vitamin C and minerals. It improves the skin’s elasticity, prevents water loss and has a soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Qualia Botanicals  offer all-purpose formulas, customised for different skin types. They use their expertise in medicinal plants to make highly effective formulas that can cover all your skin needs: cleansing, moisturising, balancing and protecting the skin.

What I thought

Qualia Botanicals was very nourishing on my skin and kept it feeling moisturised all day and night.

It costs £30.60 as a one time purchase and £27.54 to subscribe and save.

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