Lyfe Day & Night Facial Moisturiser

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

Lyfe kindly gifted me their day and night facial moisturiser to try. Made with Vitamin C & E, antioxidants and the goodness of plants, this facial moisturiser is an ultra-hydrating formula that builds your skins protective barrier leaving it feeling soft, supple and re-energised. This helps to lock in moisture and prevents dryness for up to 24 hours. It’s also dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for all types of skin. Lyfe is vegan, natural, organic and free from artificial ingredients, fragrance, palm and parabens.

The high content of citric acid is known to aid skin exfoliation, and the essential oils of orange, with antioxidants slows down the production of wrinkles and stops premature ageing.

Lyfe also has great green credentials:

  • 100% of their packaging is recyclable
  • 99% of their containers are made of glass, which is cleaner, more sustainable and recycles better than plastic
  • They run a continuous carbon-dioxide programme to offset emissions generated by their operations. Through their partnership with Tree Nation, every time someone buys a product, a tree is planted on their behalf in one of their international projects such as Madagascar.

What I thought

  • This is one of the best facial moisturisers I’ve used in a while. I loved the creamy feel on my skin, leaving it soft and nourished. It was also great to be able to use it day and night, and not have to buy a separate night cream.
  • The cream seemed to absorb fast without feeling greasy and had a lovely subtle natural orange aroma.

Lyfe Day & Night Facial Moisturiser is available directly from their website for €34,90 / £30.00 – with free shipping to the UK and The Netherlands.

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