10 Energy Saving Tips for Spring

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

This year, electricity and gas bills for a typical household will increase by £693 a year in April, which is a 54% rise. There are also fears the Ukraine crisis could lead to further increases from October. So as you prepare for warmer spring days, saving money is critical to try and offset the huge increase in energy prices and avoid bill shock! Below are ten energy saving tips for Spring to help make your household greener, more energy-efficient and save you money:

  1. Turn the lights off in a room if you’re not using them. If you switch any light off for a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again. This could save you around £14 a year off your annual energy bills.
  2. Don’t overfill the kettle: Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need. This could save you £6 a year.
  3. Avoid using the hot wash cycle on your washing machine: It isn’t necessary to regularly wash your clothes in hot water. You will save energy by using the warm or cold-water setting on your washing machine.
  4. Spend less time in the shower. As the days warm up, there’s no need to have long, hot showers. If you spend one minute less in the shower each day you could save up to £7 a year off your energy bill per person.
  5. Open your windows on warmer days. When the temperature warms up, open your windows and let your house heat up. Also, air out any humidity or pollutants that have been festering over the winter months.
  6. Keep your radiators dust and clothes free. Regularly dust your radiators because dust stops the heat from flowing freely. Also, avoid drying clothes on radiators to help minimise dust levels. Instead dry clothes on a drying rack near a radiator.
  7. Avoid peak energy times. To save money on your energy bills, avoid running appliances at peak times, for example, late afternoons. Instead, run your dishwasher or washing machine at night when electricity prices are at their lowest.
  8. Get a smart meter installed. Smart meters are the best way to monitor your energy consumption. They have an in-home display that shows your consumption in pounds and pence in near real-time. This means that if you’re making changes to cut your electricity or gas use, you can see if they’re having an impact. Smart meters also provide your energy supplier with automatic and regular meter readings to make your bills more accurate. All energy suppliers are required to offer their customers a smart meter for gas and electricity by the end of 2024, so if you don’t have one yet, give them a call.
  9. Draught-proof your house. Draught-proofing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy. While controlled ventilation helps reduce condensation, uncontrolled draughts let in too much cold air and waste heat. To draught-proof your home you should block up unwanted gaps that let cold air in and warm air out, for example around windows and doors. This could save you around £20 per year. If you’re adept at DIY, you might be able to manage simple draught-proofing yourself. However, if your home is older and your draught issue more extensive, hiring a professional is a better option and more cost effective because the installer will know exactly what materials to use and where to use them.
  10. Invest in solar powered outdoor lights or solar panels on your garage. As the days become longer, you could take advantage of the increased daylight and invest in some solar powered outdoor lights for your garden or drive. However, be sure to place them in a south facing spot so they can charge up efficiently during the day. Or you could go one step further and invest in solar panels for your shed, garage or greenhouse. But first make sure they’re south facing. This will maximise the energy from the sun and produce the most electricity from your solar panels.

(Blog updated 20 March 2022)

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  1. Very helpful tips! A conscious lifestyle can really make a big change in the world!

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