I’m Henri, and welcome to Eco Friendly Henri,

I’m Henri, and welcome to Eco Friendly Henri, an eco-lifestyle blog providing tips and advice on how to live a more sustainable life.

My blog includes eco swaps, top tips, product reviews, interviews with eco brands and influencers, renewable energy stories and more.

I have always been eco-conscious but raising my four-year-old daughter opened my eyes to the fact that her generation will suffer if we don’t start making more changes to help protect the planet.

I was also inspired by my parents’ investment in a Ground Source Heat Pump, a renewable energy system which provides heating and hot water for their home. Replacing their old oil boiler with a Ground Source Heat Pump massively reduced their carbon footprint, since traditional boilers make up 14% of the UK’s greenhouse gases, a similar level to car emissions.

Stopping plastic pollution is another issue that I feel passionate about. Every year I take part in Plastic Free July, to reduce my single use plastic consumption and then try and continue it for the rest of the year. It often proves quite difficult because plastic is everywhere. But choosing to refuse single use plastics is a start to help try and reduce plastic pollution that damages our ecosystem and pollutes our oceans, killing marine life.

By making more sustainable choices in our everyday lives such as minimising plastic consumption, embracing a zero waste lifestyle and powering our houses with renewable energy, I believe we can start making small steps towards reducing the impact of climate change.

But remember that every step in the right direction has a positive impact. We don’t need a few people to be perfectly sustainable, we need everyone to be more sustainable even if it’s imperfectly.

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