Sea Change Provence Rosé Wine

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

Sea Change Wine recently gifted me their award winning and best selling Provence Rosé 2019 to try.

What I thought

It was light, crisp and delicately fruity which made it the perfect complement for a light meal or an early evening aperitif. The subtle flavour made it eminently drinkable and one of the best rosés I’ve tasted.

While we’re headed into winter in the UK, there have been glimmers of sunshine. So it’s great to toast these summer memories with a glass of rosé. Personally, I can drink rosé all year round, regardless of the season or temperature.

Why drinking Sea Change Wine helps the environment

The Provence Rosé wine is vegetarian and is environmentally friendly in a numbers of ways:

  • It features an environmentally friendly label material called ‘Natureflex clear’ which is made solely from plant cellulose. The label is fully biodegradable and compostable; an amazing piece of eco-focused packaging innovation. Sea Change is the first wine company to use this new label material, taking another step towards limiting the impact of plastic on our oceans.
  • The bottle (particularly noticeable when empty) is lighter, reducing the carbon footprint of shipping and using less glass.
  • The cork is recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. There is also no capsule around the cork to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • And for every bottle sold, a donation goes to ocean conservation charities. In the UK these partners are Plastic Oceans and Sea Changers. So far Sea Change Wine has raised over €60,000 which is incredible.

You can buy Provence Rosé 2019 directly from Sea Change at £15.99 a bottle. And it’s a slightly larger size than your normal sized wine bottle.


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