5 reasons to choose an ethical engagement ring

By: Henrietta Mackenzie

Diamonds are without doubt the world’s most popular engagement ring, yet traditionally mined diamonds produce over 125 pounds of carbon for each carat, with many of them harvested using practises that exploit workers.

As consumers become more eco conscious and ethically aware, lab-grown diamonds, which release just 6 pounds of carbon are fast growing in popularity. With other lab-grown gemstones, such as moissanites, also becoming popular engagement ring alternatives to traditionally mined diamonds.

So thinking of proposing this year? Here are five reasons why you should choose an ethical engagement ring.

1.They’re affordable

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings can cost up to 50% less than naturally mined diamonds. While they’re chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds, you could save a huge amount of money. Or even better, choose a bigger or higher quality stone for your budget. So, there’s no need to break the bank.

2.They’re ethically and sustainably produced

Lab-grown gemstones aren’t subjected to unsustainable or unethical mining practises. As consumers become more aware of the ethical and environmental ramifications of their purchases, people are opting for moissanites or lab-grown diamonds as a green alternative without sacrificing the luxurious brilliance and fire of naturally mined diamonds.

3.You can trace them

Knowing where your gemstone has been sourced from will enable you to determine whether your engagement ring is ethical or not. Unfortunately for natural gems, the supply chain is fairly inaccessible, so tracing their origin can be challenging. Whereas lab-grown gems, like diamonds and moissanites, come fully certified, which confirms their ethical status.

4.They’re durable, making them perfect for daily wear

Naturally mined and lab-grown diamonds score a 10 as the hardest material on the planet, according to The Mohs scale of hardness, a measurement that tests the scratch resistance of a mineral.

Lab-grown moissanite is a close second with a score of 9.25. This makes lab-grown diamonds and moissanites extremely durable and perfect for daily wear on an engagement ring.

5.They possess a timeless sparkle

Everyone wants an engagement ring that dazzles. Lab-grown engagement rings like diamonds and moissanites are both elegant, ethical and possess that timeless sparkle. They’re also very similar in appearance, although moissanites have a slightly more distinctive sparkle due to being twice as refractive. However, for someone seeking that classic engagement ring, both are a perfect solution.



This blog was written in partnership with Lily Arkwright, a UK based jewellery retailer that ships globally.

To find out more about ethical engagement rings, please visit: Lily Arkwright’s Engagement Rings Collection

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